Simultaneously Translate
Messages, Reviews, Comments, Communication, Chat Messages, Feedback, Customer Support, Anything

Zeply is a real-time human translation API for translating content simultaneously. We connect your API requests in real-time to human translators around the globe.

* Zeply is currently invite only.

$ curl -d \
  '{ \
    "content": "Hello World", \
    "src_lang": "en", \
    "trg_lang": "es" \
  }' \
  -H "x-api-key: API_KEY"

Direct Connection to a Professional Translator When You Need It Only 0,013€ per Character

On Demand Translation for User Generated Content

Translate only content you need to translate. Configure your service to automatically translate the best reviews or most valuable comments.

Speak Your Customer's Language

What do you do if a customer contacts you in a foreign language? You can probably understand it with Google Translate but in order to provide valuable response, you need to speak the customer's language. Zeply provides you a way to integrate this as a part of your everyday process.

Completely Peer-to-Peer

Direct access to professional screened translators when you need them. And it's via REST API so you can automate the process and make it on demand. It's totally real-time, you get even a webhook event when the translator is typing.

So How Fast is Zeply Really? TLDR Very Fast.

When you call our API and create a task, hundreds of translators online* receive an instant notification right on their desktop. It means that the task is almost always accepted immediately. So it's really only up to the translator who accepts the task how fast it gets delivered. Typically it's very fast, our goal is to deliver every task (one ZTU**) in 60 seconds.

* Number of translators online depends on time of day.
** ZTU: Zeply Translation Unit, maximum of 160 characters.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Data about how fast we've delivered a single ZTU** this week

Supported Languages We currently support selected language pairs

English Spanish
English Brazilian Portuguese

More language pairs coming!

Quality Comparision Quality matters. Find the best service for your translation need.

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      • Great when you need to understand what someone is saying.