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API is a direct connection to human professional translator. It is meant for real-time professional translation. Maximum task size is 160 characters. It is important to note that availability of the translators varies during the day and time zone. API calls are billed directly from your digital wallet. You can deposit money to your wallet any time.

What the API will do for you

  • It will route your tasks to professional human translators around the globe.
  • It's dead simple. Transfer money to your wallet and make an API call with your content. That is it.
  • Translate user generated content like messages, reviews, Facebook posts etc.

What the API won't do for you

There are some exceptions and situations developer should be aware of.

  • There is no queue. API is real-time. Queue functionality can be built top of Zeply API using e.g. Amazon SQS.
  • You need to handle error and edge cases when there are no translators available. Availability varies constantly.
  • If you translate longer content, you may need to pay attention to segmentation. Never just split the content using 160 characters. Instead fit as many sentences you can make into 160 characters. This will improve the translation quality. If you are translating documents or similar, we have a translation service for longer content available. Please visit Get Localization website for more information.

API is billing your digital wallet for each API call that creates a new translation task. Billing is based on how many characters your requests content field contains. API calls are identified using API key so make sure to keep that API key safe. Do not include it to application binary or website code where it could be easily extracted from.

There are few cases when the billed fee will be refunded back to your digital wallet:

  • If nobody accepts your task within 30 seconds you will be fully refunded.
  • If translator disconnects or disappears after he or she accepted the task, you will be fully refunded.
  • If translator accepts your task but cancels it with either "Content is untranslatable" or "Content is in wrong language" reason, you will receive a partial refund (80%).
API documentation is available here. We will list all the available client implementations here.
Payment & Billing
We use Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe supports almost all kind of credit or debit card.
You can deposit money to your Zeply Wallet using almost all kind of credit or debit card. When you create translation task, it will be automatically charged from your Zeply Wallet.
Translation & Translators
All our translators are professional translators or highly skilled individuals who pass our professional translation exam. They are always speaking the language natively and often living in the area.